Charlie Massarella‚Äč
Managing Director – Mass

OURCFO has helped us gain clarity on our numbers that has provided a clear path forward for our business. This has allowed us to accelerate our growth in a sustainable way.

OURCFO show us how to see the road bumps before they arrive and partner with us to navigate our way forward. 

Bernard Chia
Managing Director – Alyka

I would recommend OURCFO particularly when you are a growing business.
Greg at OURCFO helps us connect with other businesses and he looks at other ways to help the business.
He likes to work not as a typical  client – supplier kind of relationship but more as a partnership – relationship. That to me is number one.  

Murray Hadley
CEO - GCo Electrical Pty Ltd

We knew that we were profitable, what we didn’t know were a lot of things about our business financially.

We didn’t know whether our numbers were working for us, and that’s where we sought help from the team at OURCFO.

OURCFO have helped us align our financial reporting systems so that our directors, managers and team members know what it is that we are setting out to achieve, and we can determine with clarity how the business is tracking towards our goals.

Dave Clare
ATC Midwest - General Manager

OURCFO help us understand our numbers and offer strategic advice and actionable ideas that we can use going forward - not just looking backwards.

All of this happened with a reduction in our expenses by over $100,000.

Ian Knox 
Managing Director - HFM Asset Management 

The results have been outstanding. From a profit perspective our EBIT has improved by over 400% over a two year period and our company valuation has improved significantly.  

Our accounts receivable have reduced and our cash flow is the best it’s ever been.’

We have a clear forward view of our numbers and where we sit financially.

Tony Brooks
CEO - Altegra Property Group 

Having worked at an international level in business, I was used to having a Chief Financial Officer by my side and I really did miss it - before I met Greg and the team at OURCFO.

The way that OURCFO uses its tools and methodologies has allowed us to keep a focus on our valuation, as well as keeping a clear view on where our numbers are at - not just yesterday but where we are going into the future.

Before we started working with OURCFO, we did not have any kind of direction in terms of our finances and using numbers to drive business performance. I guess you could say we were ‘winging it’. We now know where we are at, where we are going and what we need to do to get there.

We have made major improvements to our systems and our ability to monitor and set strategy. Our business has gone through a massive growth phase, and it has been critical to our success to have OURCFO alongside us.

OURCFO call it the ultimate blueprint and we agree.

Michael Chester
Managing Director — Sun City Plumbing

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