Our Clients

Stop looking backwards, use your windscreen!

All businesses have an accountant. And most businesses realise that an accountant only reports on what has already happened.

To us, that’s kind of like driving by looking in the rear view mirror.

So while we’re qualified accountants, we offer all the financial strategy advice that accountants are simply not set up to do.

Our Clients

That starts by answering the big 3 questions that every business must know:

1. What’s your valuation gap?

That’s the difference between what you want on exit versus what you’re actually looking at getting.

2. What’s your canary ratio?

How long can the difference between profitability and cash flow be maintained.

3. What’s your meth effect?

That’s how much money are you wasting through breaches in processes. The last is such a big problem that we reckon most business owners use numbers like they’re drugs – to mask and ignore the real pain.

Once we’ve answered these questions we use monthly meetings with our senior people to make sure your data and reporting is spot on, so we can offer strategic advice based on what will make the biggest difference to your business in the future – not just reacting to what’s already happened.

And because we’re coaches, educators and communicators our promise is that everyone will start to ‘look forward to numbers'.

Get in touch with us today, And Look forward to numbers.