CFO Vs. Accountant

Who will Win? 

Now don’t get us wrong, accountants are handy things, particularly around tax time (in fact many OURCFO employees started as accountants). So keep yours. But when it comes to giving you the information you need to effectively run your business - well you won’t know, what you don’t know. So below are some of the fundamental differences of why our clients ‘look forward to numbers’ - and never look back.

CFO VS Accountant

Why not just get an in-house CFO?

For some businesses of a certain size an in-house solution can make sense; however, for enterprises with 20-300 people outsourcing is the smart move.


Our complete scope of work comes in somewhere between 30-40% less than the price of an internal CFO.


With OURCFO you get a team who offer the cross-checking, collective intelligence and continuity advantage you can’t get from a single hire.

To learn more about how OURCFO can help you achieve your financial goals, contact us to help you look forward to your numbers. 

In House CFO

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