Our Pricing Approach

Our no-risk - no-brainer approach.

We’re accountants so we’re going to recommend you don’t take any risks with your money. That’s why we prove ourselves before asking you to spend a cent with us.

Take our complimentary Meth Numbers Audit (check out our video for our reason behind the name) and we’ll find between $30k - $2m of cash burns within your business before even getting started.

How’s that for a no-risk - no-brainer.

We’ll save you a minimum of $30k before we even start talking fees. And when we do, it’ll be a single, fixed number that you pay each month – no ‘time units’ nonsense, no nasty surprises and no confusing variable rates.

Now, I think you’ll agree that any accountant worth their salt would recommend that!

Our Pricing Approach

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