Meet Our Team

Here’s the proof we’re not all balding middle-aged men (yet).

  • Greg Smargiassi

    Founder & CEO

    Greg regained his personality after selling his tax accounting business, but not his hair! Greg's interests include surfing, health & fitness, travelling, music and cafe racers. Greg collects fine guitars and dreams of being a rock star outside of his bedroom.

  • Ronna May Refuerzo

    Team Leader - Data Analytics

    The only thing Ronna loves more than her Starbucks is her family. She enjoys spending time with them on out-of-town adventures, exploring Philippines incredible scenery. She is looking forward to visiting Australia in the near future to meet all of OURCFO’s clients in person!

  • Mara Dela Cruz

    DATA ANALYST Mara is on a mission to spread some inspiration!  As OURCFO’s resident songbird, this bubbly girl believes that there is always something to sing about (even balance sheets and income statements). She’s also quite the story teller and is often regaling her teammates with inspiring anecdotes. There’s really no stopping this pocket rocket as she has her eyes set on joining her Church’s worship team in the near future. 
  • Khang Nguyen

    Consulting CFO Besides analysing forex charts & writing Java program codes outside his work hours, Khang enjoys taking his motorbike to Barbagallos raceway for a spin around the 2.4 km racetrack to improve his lap times. At other times, you may poke him with philosophical discussion.
  • Krishia Jasline Gabiota

    Data Analyst

    Kei is not just her 8-hour working days. She is a busy bee with a purpose. She is a runner by dawn, a volunteer teacher and tribal missionary by morning, a free diver by afternoon, and a church leader by night. 

    But on top of all the mountains that she hikes are her dreams that are slowly coming true.

  • Obie Gail Capisonda

    Data Analyst

    Aside from crunching numbers, being silly with colors and lines is what Obie loves to do. She enjoys playing with sketchpads and watercolors, and most of all, she loves the contrast that charcoal gives. 

    This jolly girl is full of funny banter to relieve the team from workloads. Binge watching comedy movies and series is her past time.

  • Benjiman Mallis

    Consulting CFO

    Ben is the resident writer within the OURCFO team. An avid sports enthusiast, he spends his spare time interviewing athletes and writing feature articles on interesting people within the sports world. 

    A perfect day for Ben is one spent unplugged from technology, enjoying the wonderful Western Australian environment.

  • Criselda Felipe

    Data Analyst

    She has an adventurous spirit that enjoys many things. She loves music and a great admirer of boybands. A big fan of the movies especially Harry Potter.

    Also an active person that enjoys badminton, bowling and swimming.

  • Gienah Santos

    Client Service Coordinator

    Off working days, Gienah’s interest include traveling with family, trying out different restaurants and good old binge watching – ranging from comedy, drama, sci-fi and of course, suspense. 

    Gienah also enjoys conversations over coffee with topics including anything under the sun.

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