Meet Our Team

Here’s the proof we’re not all balding middle-aged men (yet).

  • Greg Smargiassi

    Founder & CEO

    Greg regained his personality after selling his tax accounting business, but not his hair! Greg's interests include surfing, health & fitness, travelling, music and cafe racers. Greg collects fine guitars and dreams of being a rock star outside of his bedroom.

  • Ina Lorenzo - Smargiassi

    Client Services Coordinator

    Aside from being Greg's boss, Ina doubles as OURCFO’s Client Services Coordinator. Moving over from the Philippines, she joined the team in August 2014, bringing with her an incredible passion for client satisfaction. Although she is still adjusting to Australia’s four seasons, Ina loves to explore Australia’s food landscape, and can often be found planning her next kitchen experiment.

  • Ronna May Refuerzo

    Team Leader - Data Analytics

    The only thing Ronna loves more than her Starbucks is her family. She enjoys spending time with them on out-of-town adventures, exploring Philippines incredible scenery. She is looking forward to visiting Australia in the near future to meet all of OURCFO’s clients in person!

  • Jessa Mae Malunes

    Data Analyst

    Our in-house, self confessed Potterhead Jea has travelled the globe through reading her favourite adult-fiction novels. She hopes to apparate to Universal Studios and visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter so she can be confirmed as a member of Gryffindor house. When she is not reading, Jea enjoys learning to bake and updating her playlists with the latest tunes.  


  • Veronica Cruz

    Data Analyst

    Beron loves anything and everything that involves culture…great music, good movies and like the rest of us, amazing mouth-watering food! She has a lot of ambition to experience new things and to live her life to the fullest with a short term goal of exploring the incredible natural landscapes around her.

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